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DJ Farmer Game Breeding Investments
Fully managed breeding camp – Phase 1 – Sold out

The profitable game breeding industry is now within your reach – even if you live in the city, do not own a game farm or if you need more grazing for your animals. With DJ Farmer you can be a top game breeder of rare species without changing a single aspect of your lifestyle.

It is simple: You rent a breeding camp on a prime game farm – perfectly situated in the ecotourism area of Bela-Bela – and the daily management and care of your game are handled on your behalf by DJ Farmer’s professional, committed team. Your game remains yours – even the increase remains yours.


The product


You now have access to the profitable breeding market of rare species without the high costs that it requires, such as the following:


  • The purchasing price of a game farm


  • Fencing of game breeding camps


  • Permanent personnel


  • Monthly operational costs of a game farm


You have a professional partner in the industry with regard to


  • selection of high-quality genes in animals


  • assistance with permit applications


  • advice regarding the transport and insurance of game


  • optimisation of your return on investment when selling your game




You rent a breeding camp on a prime game farm and all the game that you purchase privately or at an auction, remains yours. The increase also remains yours.


Your game is professionally managed on your behalf, with special attention to the following:


  • High industry standards and management plan


  • Experienced farm and game manager, and workers


  • Respectable veterinary services


  • Nutritious feeding supplements when needed


  • Sickness and parasite control


  • Regular laboratory tests on faecal samples


You also have access to comfortable accommodation of a high standard on the game farm to enable you to visit and inspect your game investment.

During a visit to the farm in the hunting season every investor will also have a private opportunity to hunt plains game on the farm, if so requested.

The game farm is perfectly situated in an ecotourism hub between Zebula, Mabalingwe and Mabula; 1,5 hours from Pretoria – ideal for the entire family.

Your investment has tax benefits!


Game species


The following species are available for breeding:


  • Sable


  • Roan


  • Impala (colour variant)


  • Wildebees (colour variant)


  • Blesbuck (colour variant)


  • Buffalo


  • Nyala


The camp system and layout

The layout of the camps is in the form of a wagon wheel. This makes provision for a communal keeping or working area that could be used to catch animals, from where they could be moved and camps exchanged, if so required. The central part is big enough (50 metres diameter) to serve as a temporary boma for keeping animals. Just outside the central boma water is placed in the narrowest part of the camp to habituate the animals to drink there, where feed is also placed.

The minimum and maximum numbers per species were determined in conjunction with an ecologist. This was done according to the species, the size of the camp, carrying capacity and various other factors. More information about this is available in the PDF document below.

The seven internal camps are fenced in with 21-strand, 2,4 m high game fencing. The northern, eastern and western boundary fences are fully electrified and enforced with jackalproof fencing, 1,2 m high with 30 cm on the ground, and trip wire.


Visit your game investment
Your monthly rent includes comfortable accommodation on the farm five times per year. Three beautiful chalets in the heart of the bushveld offers you the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends while viewing your game investment. You also gain experience and get acquainted with the day-to-day running of a game farm.

You have the opportunity to hunt plains game on the western part of the farm during your full week, which will always fall within the hunting season.

The farm is ideally situated in an eco-tourism hub with many attractions to enjoy, including:

  • Mabalingwe Nature Reserve

  • Zebula Country Club and Spa
  • Mabula Nature Reserve
  • De Wildt Cheetah Wildlife Ranch

  • Walking with Elephants
  • Elements Private Golf Reserve
  • Various other remarkable and interesting options



Monthly costs


You will never have to be concerned about maintenance costs of the farm and infrastructure – making this a very attractive product. DJ Farmer takes full responsibility to maintain the infrastructure of the farm. You can therefore have peace of mind and carry on with your life.

Any costs relating to your game will be at your own expense.



  • This includes, for example, the following:


  • Relocating, catching or marking of game, if necessary


  • Veterinary services, when required


  • Insurance, if necessary


  • Costs of supplementary feeding (may vary on account of the game manager’s decision).


  • Certain expenses cannot be determined in advance. It is a constant variable caused by various economic and environmental situations. Due to these factors only the general norm can be provided for certain expenses that can be less or more, but we trust that every investor will realise the need to act immediately to prevent any possible risks to his/her investment.




Opsie 1
Huur ten volle bestuurde teelkampe


Option 1
Rent a fully managed Breeding Camp

Option 2 & Option 3

Invest into a Golden Wildebeest or a Black/Saddleback Impala breeding programme

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